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Providing lessons for sailors at every experience level, Sea Safaris Sailing School is a certified institution that allows individuals to explore their penchant for sailing while enjoying every step of the way. Whether you want to learn how to sail or want to polish your sailing skills, we have a team of experienced instructors who focus on developing the skills and confidence of all learners. Sea Safaris Sailing team has sailing courses that are thorough and encompass all aspects of sailing. Even if you have no sailing experience, our eam can help you learn all the sailing rules, tips and tricks. From docking to anchoring, our sailing school teaches everything.

We Are a Family!

Sea Safaris Sailing School is not just an institution. We are a family. Our highly trained faculty comprises the best sailing instructors in the country. Not only that but our institution also fosters the values of confidence and togetherness. This is the reason why Sea Safaris Sailing School is one big family of trained sailors, expert teachers, and passionate learners who wish to explore their skills. Graduates of our sailing school are not only more confident of their skills after they complete their course but they also develop a stronger interest in sailing at the school.

Sea Safaris Sailing School
About Our Courses

About Our Courses

To ensure our students learn the most advanced sailing skills, we offer a series of courses for all individuals. People who wish to take the next step in their sailing progression journey can always opt for advanced training lessons. Our courses and training sessions are designed to ensure that all learners develop a strong foothold in the preliminary abilities and then continue to focus on advanced skills. Sea Safaris team has engineered hands-on training sessions so that you can learn how skills like piloting, navigation, and collision avoidance to help you maneuver larger sailboats without any difficulty.

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We believe that all individuals who wish to learn more about sailing must be able to explore their interests in the best possible way. This is why we do not only have skilled professionals on board but also have a list of resources that can guide you and help you learn more about sailing. Sea Safaris Sailing School definitely goes the extra mile to help all learners. Our courses are priced economically so that everyone can pick the course they think will help them and learn online. Sea Safaris Sailing School aims to empower all individuals through its platform so that they can learn, explore and enjoy their sailing adventures while being confident of their sailing skills.

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